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Create a site to gather your clan members, invite new friends and share your accomplishments with the world. Use our tools and easily manage your players, discussions and schedules.

Don’t waste time on complicated setups or tedious code and server maintenance. Start your own clan website in a few simple steps:

Just pick what you like!

Your Clan Website

Every element has its place.
A custom emblem represents your clan.
Add small tools to your page.
News, Forum, Calendar, Streams, Gallery and many, many more.
Determine the main theme of your site.
Use our premade themes or create your own.
Choose your style
Pick your favorite gaming title or an elegant theme as a foundation for your individual design. These are some examples.


See Clansweb in action! Our tour video shows the creation of a clan, the versatility of our apps and gadgets and all the possibilities to customize the layout and design – in just two minutes!

Upgrade your Clan

Get more apps, gadgets and designs for you clan. Unlock advanced features in the Clansweb Manager and remove all limits for pages, members and teams. All you need is a one time upgrade to your clan.

Clansweb Communicator

Stay in touch with your clan mates, get notifications from your clan leader and never miss a clan war again: The Clansweb Communicator is your personal assistant and chat tool for your gaming life.

Clansweb Manager

Are you the born clan leader? Prepare to get infused with super powers! The Clansweb Manager puts all essential tools right at your fingertips.

Recruit, assign teams, manage players, send notifications and plan the schedule, everything in one convenient app.

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