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    Beitrag November Mastery Reward

    November Mastery Reward

    November Mastery Reward
    The goal of battle is to win. But for some, winning is not enough. You must dominate your opponent completely and make him regret ever facing off against you. In November, we will be rewarding people when they do master the art of war. Every day, for your best 3 wins (in terms of War Points earned), you will earn double the amount of War Points in Skill Points. These bonus Skill Points will not count against your weekly cap and will be awarded every Tuesday.

    Accelerated SP Week
    From November 6 to 13, players will earn active Skill Points from battles at three times the normal rate. During the week, your weekly Skill Point cap will be tripled as well. Passive Skill Point gain will remain normal.

    Black Eagle Battle Test
    The Black Eagles are running a public trial of their iconic 'Black Eagle' Scout G/1-Series dropsuit from November 14 to 21. Every player will be provided with 50 Black Eagle dropsuits absolutely for free. For every 5 kills scored with a Black Eagle dropsuit weapon, you will earn an additional Black Eagle dropsuit at the end of the trial! These bonus dropsuits will be capped at 70.

    Winter Carnage
    It's time to paint the snowy white winter red with blood! From November 23 to 30, using your best weapons to rack up the kills will earn you bonus rewards. Best of all, the rewards are based entirely on the weapon you use! Any heavy, light, or sidearm you use in battle is eligible for these rewards.
    For every 10 kills made with a Standard weapon, earn 1 Advanced-tier weapon of the same type.
    For every 10 kills made with an Advanced weapon, earn 2 Prototype-tier weapons of the same type.
    For every 10 kills made with a Prototype weapon, earn 1 copy of the 'Quafe' Scout gk.0 dropsuit.

    All kills must be made with the same weapon type. All rewards are capped at 100 copies.

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