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    Shotguns In Battlefield 1 Are Complete FILTH!

    What were they thinking?

    They just said, F it, lets make a DMR pdw game.
    Lets reduce the most devastating weapon in ww1 to Battlefront Trash status.
    These shotguns are utter Filth. Complete Trash. BUFF THEM ASAP! They cant be serious with this. Inconsistent double taps up close. 5 rounds in the tube. Cant shoot when being shot in close quarters. No different using the choke. Only what 1 gun that has some kind of optic on it. Get outta here. Every single FPS game that has garbage shotguns is doomed. Why cant all weapons just be devastating.
    It doesnt help the balance to discourage people from using shotguns. zedge ringtones
    Most the other guns are fun to use because you get what you hoped for, a kill. These shotguns? Ai yai yai, you gotta be right in the guys mouth to drop him and forget about dropping more then 2 people. up close. Just get one kill throw a grenade and pray for mutual destruction.
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