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    Light machine guns are completely useless.

    I am having a lot of fun with the beta. However machine gunners are helpless and completely useless. Their bullets are so weak they need 5-6 hits to kill a player. However they fire the same bullets in real life as regular rifles. Real life suppression and the danger of machine guns is not modeled in the game, because no one is scared of a guy with a lewis desperately trying to use all the bullets in his mag to kill a single player, while that player can simply strafe with his rifle scoped and one or 2 shot the machine gunner. 24k magic ringtone
    Machine guns should do more damage so players would actually fear them. They should at least do half the damage of a sniper rifle. Machine guns were the most terrifying infantry weapons in that period. And snipers should not be able to strafe scoped, or at least have their strafing speed reduced.
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