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    How to fix the LMGs

    I promise this will be simple.

    Buff the damage to high 30s and low 40s, reduce the muzzle flash (you can't see what you're shooting at), and increase the distance before damage drop off.

    Hear me out, they start off inaccurate and gain accuracy the longer they have been fired. By the time that you have gained that accuracy you have fired half your mag (small mag guns) or the enemy have started to turn on you. The high damage will make all LMGs a fearsome weapon, the non bi-pod versions will have to sustain fire to become accurate, and the bi-pod versions will have that accuracy off the bat when you are using the bi-pod.

    Fear of them becoming CQB monsters? Well yes they will hit harder in CQB, but due to their slower RoF and lack of accuracy they will not be better than SMGs. SMGs have high RoF and great close range accuracy, which will outplay the LMGs. Sure LMGs will put up a fight, but lets face it, in CQB the Medic's weapons can wreck people in 3 hits, while the LMGs have to fire 5 shots to kill.

    LMGs should be feared, not laughed at. Even a bi-poded LMG is a joke dealing 15 damage at 30 meters. That damage would require 7 bullets to drop someone, and that is only if you do not hit arms legs or lower body. That is a joke for a weapon that should be the king of mid range combat.

    For a good example, the Cei-Rigotti (medic starting weapon) has a starting damage of 38 per shot, and does not start to have damage drop off until 33 meters out. The starter weapon for the support Lewis Gun LW, has a damage of only 21 per shot. After damage drop off ends, the Cei-Rigotti deals 28 damage per shot, which is still higher than the starting damage of the Lewis Gun. Meanwhile after damage drop off the Lewis Gun deals a tickling 15 damage per shot. The distance at which the Cei-Rigotti starts it's damage drop off is 2 meters less than the point at which the Lewis Gun is at it's weakest damage. That is a clear sign that the LMGs have no use at mid range.

    TLDR, The LMGs are dealing too little damage, have too much muzzle flash (hides what you are shooting at), and their damage drops off is on par with SMGs for distance.

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