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    Sound immersion improvements

    I applaud DICE for removing auto spotting when firing a weapon. Being flagged on a minimap just because you are using a tool makes no sense and has no place in a game like this. On the other hand, in order to make gameplay more tactical, sound queues must be masterfully executed otherwise you die because you just couldn't hear your enemy next to you. This is not in the context of footsteps (I think that it's fine as it is).

    Example: I would be shot by an enemy not too far away, and you would hear the bullets wheezing by, or hitting you, but only hear a faint and distant muzzle blast noise even if the enemy is close by. It makes it very hard to locate the enemy if you can't hear where the shots are coming from. Notice that I am not talking about snipers shooting from the hills far far away, but guys with machine guns and semi-auto rifles from just across the street.

    The same goes with vehicles. If a tank rolls near you, it isn supposed to be LOUD. The engine, the metal plates, everything will tell you that there's armor nearby. Not in this game. You're thinking that you're taking cover in relative safety and BLAM! A tank "sneaked" behind you and destroyed you with one shot. Again, not far away, just a few meters across open terrain. Those sounds need to be made more prominent.

    I would also like nearby explosions to cause auditory effects ( temporary deafness, ringing ears).

    What do you think?
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