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    My gripes with the support class

    I feel like support class could use some buffs, here's why:

    LMGs are perfectly usable but they aren't really good. It's just that low damage plus low initial accuracy make it have a very high actual time to kill. I think that's the root of the debate, the theoretical TTK is good, but actual TTK is bad and/or inconsistent. Sometimes it feels like hipfiring with a LMG up close is just as accurate as trying to shoot a medium distance, which is again, perfectly usable but not good.

    Limpet charges are my biggest gripe. Limpet charges are OK at first but actually pretty bad once the novelty wears off. Especially considering other gadgets like the HE mortars or AT mines. AT mines for example, are very good, and have multiple roles. You can use them like mines or you can instantly deploy them and shoot them for an instant vehicle kill. This is understandable as it's part of the assault class, but limpet charges on the other hand feels like a gimped version of dynamite that you can't detonate on command and can only carry one of. Sure, supports aren't supposed to be an anti-vehicle class, but the notion of running up close to tank, planting a charge and then dancing around the ammo box for another all the while avoiding enemy fire, both from the infantry and tank gunners, and avoid getting ran over is kind of ridiculous. Then you have to ask yourself why the support player would choose this over the HE mortar.

    Then there's the damn wrench which is like the limpet charge, only except worse as in it has its purpose, but otherwise completely worthless. Tankers and pilots spawn with one, and you would have to choose the wrench over all the other gadgets.

    As for the other gadgets, the mortars are very good although they need slightly more range. I KNOW that people are complaining about the abundance of mortars, but I'm pretty sure that's because the mortars are the only viable gadgets. I get what DICE is trying to do by making support move with the squad and not camp and all, but it feels like you have to deploy it too close to firefights, and not to mention the range is hampered by terrain. Just a slight range buff would make it better.

    In short, supports are a very mediocre class. Like a very below-average jack of all trades. Usable, but not good.

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