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    What do people really think of battlefield one

    What do people really think of battlefield one? personally I think the graphics are great but its gone to far from what battlefield was. The medal system up right sucks. I loved battlefield 2 and 2142 and 3 and 4, mainly cause I LOVED THE MEDAL HUNTING, NOW THATS GONE OR AT LEAST YOU HAVE A TIME SCALE AND HAVE TO SELECT THE STUPID AWARD. This to me is a big step backwarfds, a step they didn't have to make. The game itself also allows people to hope teams at a instance, it has ruined 70-80 % of the gamesd ive played as people either are swaping to windoing team or simply waiting to swap, resulting in a very one sided affair. This has always been a issue but along with the other bad partes on bf1 its magnified and fels more common. Also battle packs, I don't like them, never have but to make us watch a animation everytuime we open them sucks, even when you get the skip button. Do dice think we like pressing a skip buttone? Just get rid of battlepacks. personally I think dice need to go back to battlefield 2 style game cause this is becoming more like cod in ever illiteration

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