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    Everything that's wrong with this game

    This might be long, so if you're going to "tl:dr" me, here's your warning. Everything I'm going to list off are my opinions on why this game fails at everything it sets out to do, from the graphics down to game balance.

    1) The netcode is awful.
    2) The damage is wildly inconsistent.
    3) The spawns are worse than any game I've ever played.
    4) Guns that seem to break game rules.
    5) Cavalry is absurd.
    6) Planes are for killing random people and they almost never help secure objectives.
    7) Elite classes shouldn't exist.
    8) I feel like I have no health and die in 1-2 hits from the weakest guns. Core shouldn't feel like hardcore.
    9) Rock-paper-scissors gun system is stupid and shouldn't exist. Was never an issue before, but you figured you'd go ahead and make it one.
    10) The sound is broken. How hard was that to get correct?
    11) The number of scouts per round is absurd.
    12) AT rockets splash damage extends too far and is too strong.
    13) Everyone has infinite grenades it seems.
    14) Gas grenades shouldn't be part of the game.
    15. I'm on fire about 45% of the time. Not from incendiary grenades, but from flares (seriously, why do they do damage) and from the environment.
    16. Lack of vehicles, and they take forever to spawe
    17. LMGs take entirely too many rounds to kill someone. I shouldn't need 4 headshots to kill someone at 40m.
    18. The "sweet spot" mechanic is the most **** thing ever. Guns don't work like that, why make them like this in game? Especially when it doesn't work.
    19. There's no camo in the game, but people blend into the environment 100x better than in previous titles. Seems realistic...
    20. Missing enemy frag grenade icons.
    21. The spotting is damned awful and borderline useless. Why was it changed from previous titles? Because it was OP to let your team know there's a guy out in the open 50m away?
    22. We still can't change vehicle settings in the main menu. We have to download an app for that. Hurr Durr, Durrrrr. How stupid.
    23. The smaller guns on the armored train should be more useful. The rounds demo walls but you need 10 hits to kill someone. Again, realism. Can't pick and choose. If I wanted to play an arcade shooter, I'd have spent my money on CoD.
    24. It's impossible to demo buildings, for the most part. You can mess them up, but there's still places for enemies to hide. Which leads to the next one.
    25. Finding enemies on objectives is entirely too difficult. The objective sizes can be very large and they can hide in a ton of buildings. If you don't have a scout popping flares, you'll need to go through every single building. This goes back to choosing your realism.
    26. When I get revived, I can't use my primary weapon. What's the point? So I can give the enemy free points?
    27. Why don't my bullets go through one enemy and damage the ones behind him? If they can use their teammate as a shield while shooting through said teammate to land hits, my bullets should go through them.
    28. Deflected shots on armor doesn't make sense. I can have a shot that lands only a few degrees of a 90 degree impact and it bounces, but I see a good deal of angle on enemy shells/AT rockets that hit me and it almost never bounces. Makes sense....
    29. On Monte Grappa conquest, B and D are unnecessarily difficult to hold. Small entrances, grenade spam, and the transition from light to dark (you can't see a damn thing) make assaulting the position and clearing the enemy stupidly hard. Why can't we demo the roof and cave in the hidey holes?
    30. There needs to be a spawn delay at the start of the round. The enemy shouldn't have multiple pilots bailing on flags on our side of the map to cap them before we're out of the main spawn. Makes it an uphill battle the entire way.
    31. As I mentioned in 29, the transition from light to dark is too extreme. The people in a dark area are more likely to have a defensive position, and you make it so we can't see them on top of it? I hear talk about balance all the time and I see so many instances where it's completely ignored to the detriment of the game.
    32. Pistols shouldn't out damage a primary.
    33. Direct hits with mortars, either variant, don't seem to kill enemies. You need to have at least two hits or hit a damaged enemy. What's the purpose of it?
    34. Scout mines don't kill either. Again, unless they're wounded, it's not killing anyone. It's now a loud alarm.
    35. The lack of customization for weapons is stupid.

    That's all I've got for now, I can almost guarantee there will be more. If you'd like me to expand on the examples I gave, let me know. At this point, it's my job to show as many people as possible that this game is one of the worst AAA titles to come out in years. If we don't jump on Dice's case, we will continue to see poor release after poor release. I never played bf4, but from the posts I've seen, it was garbage for a year after release. That's what I'm seeing with this game.

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