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    Just had a bit of a revelation about quickscoping ...

    I know the CoD community in general dislikes quickscopers and trickscopers etc. I can agree to an extent. But I always wondered why this wasnt an issue until MW2 and onward. After playing some Modern Warfare remastered I realized something. The drop and ads time of snipers has been roughly the same through every entry in the series at .400 milliseconds. Games like mw3 and bo2 were the most aggregious offenders in ease to pull off the technique consistently. However, as a sniper, I had a lot more trouble in in MWR unless I had a clear distance advantage. Well...ttk average played a massive part in this. This may not be new to some but it was for me. Guys with M16s (granted the m16 was ridiculously strong) could drop me at ***** near any range instantly. Where as the strongest autofire ARs and SMGs always took 3-4+ shots in other cods. So in essence the ttk average was raised slightly over time with every CoD. Where as MWR you got dropped FAST by virtually any weapon. The only variation would be if you ran juggernaut.
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    Now...even in games where sniping was "OP" I dont think is quite correct. Sniping can sure as hell be strong in the right hands. But in MWR I thought holy hell. I can get maybe 3 guys TOPS in a streak before getting taken down. And thats not at close range. Thats where I have the distance advantage. In scenarios where the other players were mid range or closer, I got slapped. Every time.

    MW2 was a bit of an exception in draw time because of the quickdraw perk. I dont recall the exact draw time for snipers with it, but it was exceptionally fast. Though.. it was kind of in line with the game overall. Since ttk averages were pretty quick overall in MW2 still, this started to lean snipers towards the stronger side of things. Albiet not without substantial practice.
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    However, in games like MW3, BO1 (post patch), and BO2 - ttk averages with ARs and SMGs were slower overall and thus gave the snipers a bigger advantage if they could get that shot on target. I still dont quite believe the aim assist in snipers were the main reason many aggressive snipers were good however. This statement being aimed at Black Ops 3. People said that snipers were no longer good because there was no more aim assist. I disagree. The main issue with snipers (at least for me) was the fact that the sensitivity when scoped in was largely the same as being unscoped. I bring this up because I played Infinite Warfare for a good while and got the Trek-50 diamond after a decent grind. Wondered why until did some research and realized the differences between Bo3 and IW.
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    Apologies for rambling on. One thing lead to another and all that. I have not played WW2 myself, but I hear the aim assist is very small and only with one specific division in the game. So I cant chime in as to whether sniping is still strong for mid skill players. Any input is welcome. Interested to hear what you guys think.
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