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    Why the 'Call of Duty' series needs to end, as wel...

    Hey guys. Today I will be telling you why the 'Call of Duty' series needs to end, as well as its community, and why you should leave. Where do I even begin? The Call of Duty community is pretty much made up of 7-year-olds. And I can already hear that little kid storming in the replies section screaming, "OMG YOURE A FREAKING JERK YOURE JUST A HATER AND BESIDES COD IS RATED M FOR MATURE!!!1!!111!!111one111" I'm not being a jerk at all. I wouldn't even be here if Call of Duty did what it did to me and my friends. Also game ratings don't matter at all. It's just a way for parents to decide if it's okay for their children to play that game or not. Unfortunately, most parents don't even care what the ratings are, so they let their children play whatever they want, even if it's rated M for mature. And the Call of Duty series is going downhill anyways, it's not getting good at all. And I can assure you, the upcoming Call of Duty, 'Call of Duty: WW2' is not going to be good at all either. And you're probably like "But it has boots on the ground!!!" Yeah but it's going to be made by Sledgehammer Games. The developer who brought you 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare', which (from what I heard) is pretty bad. 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' was also terrible as well, it even had the 'Boots on the Ground' mechanics. So tell me, why is "Call of Duty: WW2' going to be good? Well, it's not. But the game itself generally isn't the worst part about the Call of Duty series. It's the community that is. As I said, it's made up of 7-year-olds. When I was in the community, I got cyber-bullied several times. And some of them where because I was simply being nice. People were saying stuff like 'I hope you get cancer and die' and 'kys' (which is an acronym for 'Kill yourself'). And guess what? It caused me to have a bad childhood. Which can lead to sadism. (Sadism is a disorder where it makes you take pleasure into torturing and killing others.) Which can turn people into murderers. I was a sadist at one point and I nearly became a murderer because I nearly killed my brother. I managed to stop myself fortunately, (because I knew it was wrong.) and also when I was a sadist, I wanted to become a murderer when I grew up. I'm not a sadist anymore, fortunately. Also, murdering people is against the law. You can get arrested by the police for doing that, and they could possibly kill you. (Police can do that, you know. Just not to random people. Just to people who broke certain laws.) By being part of the Call of Duty community, you are going down a dangerous path in your life. Turn away from this path, stop playing Call of Duty, and leave the Call of Duty community before it gets so much worse. It's going to get worse, no matter what. And people in the community claim their adults. Let me tell you: they are lying. If they were actually adults, they would be much more mature and they would be nice. Because every adult knows to be mature. At this point, nobody in this community is mature. The only adults I've seen in the community is the YouTubers. Everyone else: 7-year-olds. That's it. Only the YouTubers are adults and the rest are immature children. Leave the community before you get bullied so you don't start saying this: "Killing people is so much fun!" And it's also for your own good. It's going to turn you into something you're not. Here's a step by step guide:
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    1. Leave the community
    2. Sell all your Call of Duty games
    3. Block everyone who likes Call of Duty on every social media platform you use
    4. Dab on them Call of Duty jerks
    (Okay that step by step guide wasn't really necessary I just put that in cause why not, lol)
    Either way! Follow EVERY STEP of that guide. That's all I have for you today.
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