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    Black Ops 4 new game mode suggestion, thoughts?

    With the recent news that Black Ops 4 will not being featuring a full fledged traditional single player campaign, I feel like it would be amazing for Treyarch and Activision alike to implement a very story driven, cinematic multiplayer mode at launch as a major focal point. The only place I have seen a team based, tactical cinematic multiplayer mode as such in an FPS is Killzone 3 Operation mode (example gameplay vid This was one of the few innovative modes I would have wished killzone sequels and the genre as a whole, especially multiplayer only titles (such as the first Titanfall) would have taken inspiration from to integrate a story based multiplayer. With the heavy team / objective focus approach to Black Ops 4, there are so many things the mode can benefit from, more random cinematics, random rotating objectives, customizable characters will show nicely in mid game cinematics and highlight MVPs of the team (possibly rewarding them per section, like 2nd objective start off as chopper gunner until destroyed or start with a scorestreak care package) and 1 or 2 character specific ending vids before play of the game. The mode could also allow for known specialists rivalries or specialists acquaintances. Figured a lot of the budget and resources normally spent on the single player campaign could rollover to this type of mode (which could possibly be played with bots and customizable for offline / private server play). Executed right, it would be a great complement to the solo missions for each specialis and would definetly highlight and put each specialists unique qualities to play. Thoughts?
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