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    Why I will not be buying BO4

    1. Health system, without automatic regeneration I will suck way worse than I already do which means no more score streaks
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    2. Specialists, I want who I want how I want, this just feels like my characters aren't customized and I would be stuck with the worst leftovers, I hate special abilities and like perks being your special abilities

    3 5v5, I don't feel like 6v6 is enough and with limited health give me a break will definitely slow things down, fast paced is why nuketown is what it is
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    4. Match making, it is hard enough to get into good games with this stupid specialist selection it will take forever to get enough people

    5. Gameplay mechanics, feels like we are going backwards double jump, wall running, dolphin diving, is what makes the game fun, every first person shooter is run and gun

    Last but not least if you want to be like these other games then go work for their company I have expectations with cod and I don't like the games you are trying to model yourself after at what point does cod turn into overwatch then who loses all of their fan base cause people get sick of the same old thing dressed up in new clothing, is it too much to ask cod to be cod.
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    COD online seems way better than this garbage which means you could have taken all the old maps, all the old guns, all the old perks and made a way better game than this one. For the zombies fans you only get 2 new maps cause you already have the 3rd one which is pathetically lazy especially with no campaign!
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