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    ATI card: Far Cry and Call of Duty: Bad Combo?


    I'm above the minimum specs for Far Cry and Call of Duty and both still stop during game play and go back to the desktop with no error messages from the OS.
    Ubisoft recalled their Far Cry patch I see.
    The Hot Fix for Call of Duty didn't do anything.
    I have Catalyst 4.8 installed.
    System specs:
    Athlon XP 2200+
    ATI AIW Radeon 128MB ( not great but OK? )
    1.5GB DDR RAM
    48X CD Drive
    100 GB HD
    I have two great games and I can only play for a few minutes or seconds before they stop.
    Any suggestions? Any new info I may have missed?

    Please help

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    Thank you

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