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    Call of Duty: World at War - Verruckt Map Guide

    Guide on the zombies map Verrückt.


    Pretty small and compact, not alot of extra space. Everything is close together for easy access.


    From the start head up towards the stairs. Follow the electricity arrows to lead you towards the power.

    Open the door near the bouncing betty and another door up further that's blocking the way. That corner is a great spot for camping if you need.

    Once you open the door just flick the power switch. Things will flash and an evil laugh will go off.


    Pack-a-punch hasn't came out at the time of this map. Making the difficulty higher.


    Spawning room has the jugg machine. Extra health.

    Upstairs is the double tap. Extra fire power.

    Past the power door is the speed cola. It's near the kitchen.

    Once you turn on the power the starting room will open to the quick revive for another chance.


    Only wonder weapon is the ray gun.

    Trench gun is a great shotgun wall weapon.
    LMGS for mobs.
    No mustang and sally.
    Few decent wall weapons for point gaining.
    Bouncing bettys.

    Easter Egg

    Screaming table clicking on the table near jugg makes a scream.
    Radios around the map.

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