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    CoD Ghosts doesn't even have a sub-forum. That's how embarrassed they are of it

    The gameplay, optimization, and PC-configuration is a complete joke.

    I'm on an i7 920, P6T Series MB, with an ATI 7850 GPU. The best? No. However, I expect to get some type of DECENT framerate in modern games.

    With the detail high, I can run Black Ops 2 at max with well over 100-120 Frames Per Second. Ghosts? I can barely break 40 FPS at 1280x1024 resolution (with everything turned off). This makes it look as if I'm playing Rise of the Triad or Bond 64. Even with Ghosts via high detail, it doesn't look much better than BO2.


    This game is a total joke.

    If my refund doesn't come in, I'm forcing a chargeback. Since it's the only game on my account, I could care less if it is banned.

    I guess I'll be looking forward to CoD every 2 years now... when it's Treyarch's turn.

    Infinity Ward? Infinity Waste of money.

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