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    Thining about getting Ghosts, but some questions

    1. Does the game have server browsing?
    (I've seen some streams, and seems like the instant deaths are still there, some poor netcoding or the godawful lag comp they use, or both) = you see killcam they miss several shots so if you had gotten the shots registered not al in one go on your screen, you could have tried to get behind cover after the first hit or two.

    2. How many points do you have in total if you remove secondary weapon, stun and normal grenade?

    3. How is the online in general, is it smooth? Again trying to answer if it is as god awful as last two, where if lag comp where on your side you where unstoppable, or if it where against you, you had no chance to win any firefights, which made for very unpleasant online gameplay.

    I thank you alot for your input on the mathers, and have an a1 day!

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