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    Did the healer / warden AI change again?

    So prior to this update, I've had success 3 starring some TH11s if they're base layout was easy.
    My attack is a typical funnel with queen walk and warden then with bowlers to follow up.
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    Usually it flows quite nicely - the queen walk funnels one side and when the bowlers come in the healers switch to the bowlers.

    Now there are two issues

    #1 Queen walk phase
    - the warden likes to sidestep to weird places
    - when my queen is taking the brunt of the X-bows and archer towers etc, the warden decides to take a walk to the left
    - warden takes fire from a far archer tower
    - healers either heal the queen or the warden, forcing me to use an ability early
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    #2 Attack phase
    - when the bowlers come in, my queen can be at full HP with no incoming fire. No inferno, no X-bow, nothing. Full HP.
    - healers decide to continue healing the queen while my bowlers which are just 1-2 squares ahead die slowly to that wizard tower

    Bases which I 3 starred with ease in the past now net me a 60-80% regularly.
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    Anybody else facing these issues?
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