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    Max TH9 thinking to make the next step...

    Hello folks,

    Been a max th9 for a couple of months including all walls defences etc, except heroes.
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    Note that AQ is sitting at lvl27 and BQ at lvl21. Well my initial goal was to max heroes or at least queen to 30 and king to 25. Besides that i really enjoy the gameplay of th9 at the moment but since 3stars in wars against other max th9s is a common thing i wanna take the next step to th10.
    I was thinking that when i move to th10 i can start working on walls and heroes aswell w/o increasing my war weight that much.
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    Since i dont have much excperience with the weight of each base, what is the best upgrade path i should follow when i move to th10 so i can keep being a competetive opponent in wars and of course not pulling out in MM max th10s.

    Do you think that i should upgrade my th9 right now?

    Thanks in advance and best regards everyone.
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