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    What kind of role would you like to see fulfilled by a new troop?

    With an update right around the corner, it is hard to not think about new troops that the Supercell team has come up with. There will obviously be a new troop(s) coming to the game this year. What exactly would you like these new troops to do? What town hall should they be available at? Should they cost elixir or dark elixir? And most importantly, what unique role would you like to see this troop fulfill?
    more: sun láng hạ mở bán
    Before I open the floor to you guys, a quick reminder on the current Coc troops and their specific roles:


    Barbarian: Small sized melee ground troop
    Archer: Small sized ranged ground troop
    Goblin: Small troop that targets resources
    Giant: Medium/huge sized ground tank that targets buildings
    Wall-breaker: Breaks open walls
    Balloon: Air troop that drops bombs on the ground that do significant amounts of damage and targets buildings
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    Wizard: Medium size ranged troop
    Healer: Heals ground troops
    Dragon: Air tank that puts out significant damage to all buildings
    PEKKA: Big sized tank that targets any building in site and does significant amounts of damage
    Baby Dragon: Medium sized air unit that gets raged up when alone
    Miner: Medium ground unit that goes underground to get between buildings

    Dark Elixir

    Minion: Small air unit that has a ranged attack
    Hog rider: Medium ground unit that targets buildings and jumps over walls
    Valkyrie: Melee Medium sized ground unit that does damage to multiple buildings
    Golem: Heavy tank that doesn't do much damage, targets defenses, and splits up into 2 baby golems when destroyed
    Witch: Ranged medium size unit that spawns skeletons
    Lava Hound: Heavy air tank that goes for buildings and splits into lava pups when destroyed
    Bowlers: Medium sized troop that can bounce his attack to hit another building after hitting the original target
    more: sun láng hạ mở bán
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