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    All engineers have put on notice

    If your an engineer your likely asking yourself why all the books? Why the 50% reduction in building upgrade times? Why the blatant sneek peek of th11 being upgraded? And most important on the description if you go to buy the hammer jam packed that contains 7 books of buildings it says to even help you build DEFENSES!!!! Now alot of you are going to be upset and likely say well I'll just stay at th11. Or I'll quit. But we all know that won't happen so if I was you clearly drop your infernos and eagle and other defense now so u can enjoy th12 ! Now this also isn't a fact but all the signs are clearly here!??? If there wasn't gonna be a shocking revelation revealed then things would be as usual! We certainly wouldn't be receiving 50% upgrade discounts and all kinds of special offers.
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    It's coming.......go ahead and join th12 where fair war match ups will be the new norm! No more bases without infernos and Eagles but with max offense ! I myself personally will finally feel that th12 will be the premiere war league! I can't wait to be a part of that!
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    But then again I could be completely wrong and hey here is the spot you all can heckle me for it lol. I'm excited can't wait to see what is going on either way but just wanted to throw this out there! Plenty of time to adjust in the next couple weeks and be ready!!!!! Start building!!!
    more: sun 31 láng hạ
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