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    New Clan - Botters Welcome + Optional Wars

    We are a Lvl 3 with an 11/2 war record with a handful of core 3 star specialists and looking for players to rebuild.
    24/7 botters welcome, unlimited troops are provided.
    Wars are optional, use of opt in or out is essential.
    NEVER speak of the bot in the chat! Our clan is secure and we want it to stay that way.
    2 attacks in war is mandatory, if you don't attack you'll likely be kicked.
    For bot donations use blacklist words for war, archers in war cc is a no no.

    If you are interested please comment down your level and town hall level and I'll get round to sending a PM.

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    Minga oida!
    Here at are manymany Fairplay-Clans. I don't think you can get her what you're looking for...

    Is it meaningful to look for modder/botter, if you own account is banned?
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    Hello blackcats1212,

    using Mod/Bots are prohibited according to Terms of Service of Supercell - so closing this Thread, because we don't want advertisements for using such tools.
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