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    This game is so far out of whack

    Farming today. Trying to AQ walk with baby dragons. I brought SIX healers and she was losing health rapidly to ONE level 13 cannon and ONE level 13 archer tower. I had to drop a rage. Against two point defenses. How is this balance? If Supercell LOVES multi phase, why have they done everything in their power to hamper the AQ walk? With as terrible as tanks are at TH10/TH11, AQ walk is pretty much your only option at a true multi phase attack and it simply gets too risky or too expensive on spells as you get higher in this game. With the change to mines, they really need to eliminate the healer penalties for 4 through 6 at a minimum. Hasn't these changes proven how unnecessary the cannon buff was?

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    Well, I think queen walk is still very powerful tactic when you know how to use it correctly. It is not too easy how it used to be before the update, now more skill is needed. I think this is good so, it shouldn't be to easy to destroy every base with queen walk.

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