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    Can offer advising ?

    So I try catch up with lab but not sure what troop are import for success inside clash, i finish farm troopin like barber and arch but after the miner and valk malicious nerf in worried that maybe future might ruin other troop and searching for higher level wil be vain, so what trop are viabol? I'm confused and still have no achieve help, it seem many not care about game no more which odd because I remember this full of people care of game u know? I can do fence wand forget about lab but that not smart since it take so long to final trooopings. So what u digest I try ? Thanks

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    Hello blackcats1212,

    first of all: What's your townhouse level?

    And I think that Valks are still a very powerful troop. You can also farm with them against strong enemies but especially for war a good troop.

    Also very important are the healers for very much attacks...talking about queen walk....used very often.

    Of course you can use many clan war tactics also for farming against strong bases. Giants and wizards are also very useful troops, you can use them in nearly every tactic.

    When you share your current troop levels, we could advice you what you should upgrade next. Hard to say without knowing your current troops strength.

    Good luck and Clash on!

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