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    Complain about arbitrary Nerf/Buff cycle

    I really get tired of those arbitrary nerf/buff action.

    There is one simple rule for SC engineers.

    In th10,
    if there is a kind of troop can deal with every base,
    regardless the three major keys of bases-designed principle,
    (i.e., status of xbow/inferno/condense or loose)
    then this troop is obviously overpower.

    Please do not let this OP event happened again and again.

    I plays this game for 4 years,
    always think th10 is hard, need skill + strategy + brain mod

    Really don`t like to see new th10 use virus baloon attack to destroy every th10.

    Supercell ruined th9 in the past few months,
    and now, going to ruin th10.

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