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    Tap or press and hold to deploy troops

    I've never seen this brought up in the forums, but isn't it about time that we get rid of this annoying little eyesore?

    I know it's useful for TH2s, but is that really enough reason to have it covering the screen of any other TH level?

    I mean really? Who has ever looked at that message with anything other than disdain after they figured out how to deploy their troops?

    All it does for me, is cover up part of the village that I'm looking to attack. To the point of me having to move the screen to see what's under it. I'll admit it's not really covering much, but it covers just enough to be a bother at times. Why can't it just disappear after a certain TH level? Lets say TH5 just to be safe.

    Ok, rant over.

    Thoughts, opinions?

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    Never thought about it but yes, you are right. Higher townhalls should know that

    But I think that such a message is not annoying, it is a very small part. You can still see everything very well.

    So if they would remove that for higher townhalls, why not? But if not, it is also ok.

    Maybe write Supercell about it.

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