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    Nostalgia in Clash?


    I just wanted to hear your story on how you came across the oldest obstacles you have seen in a base. Did you play at the time, and it spawned in your base for the first time? What reaction did you have? Were you excited, shocked, or even upset? Where did it spawn in your base? Thank you for replying or even just reading other comments, as old clash stories are always great and hold lots of nostalgia.

    My story:

    The oldest rare obstacle to spawn in my base was the 2014 Halloween Headstone. I have been playing clash for quite some time - under a year for reverence, but I have never had such thing called a "holiday obstacle." My friend's base had the 2013 Christmas Tree, which I was very envious over, and I always wanted to own one of my own. At first, I thought that the holiday obstacles only spawned in during Christmas time, as that was the only special event time previously that spawned in some limited props. It was until I checked my friend's base that I understood that this event has the very first Halloween themed holiday obstacle. I was so ecstatic to see this, that right that minute I started to create a tree spawner base (a very popular trend back then). The first three spawned in horribly, but, to my surprise, the third, and quite frankly the last one, spawned in a perfect spot at the tippy-top of my base. I was so happy to get this that I would still treasure it to this day, making sure it is still there every day. I would then go on o collect every special holiday obstacle afterwards in a perfect spot in my base to add decoration and uniqueness. Well, thank you for reading my story, as I hope it has pleased you and brought back some memories and nostalgia to you or even given you some joy.

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