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    Has TH 11 ( GW and EA) made clouds worse?

    I'm a mid TH 10 that is 20 trophies outside of Titan 3. I am finding that the clouds are relatively bad in the morning (eastern time). I find myself nexting through clouds only to find a th11 offering less trophies than I'm willing to risk an attack for. So I just continue to sit in my shield until later.

    Some contributing factors ( that in my opinion are contributing to clods)

    1.) I usually get attacked by a TH11 Laloon attack which most often 3 stars me due to the GW ability being triggered and allowing the loons to go crazy over my base. Thus giving me a 16 hour shield. I would say I am attacked by a th10 at least 66% of the time.

    2.) Like I said above the vast majority of my attack offers are against th11s. I would say 60% TH11, 30% th10s and 10% th9s. Naturally I'm not willing to risk attacking a 10 trophy offer from a TH11 and so I stay shielded.

    So as a th10 I would say the TH11s are a big part of the cloud problem. I am attacked by them most of the time. They give the longest shields. And they are less likely to be attacked by a th10 thus keeping the 10s in a shield longer.


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    I think that the problem is just the less amount of the players. Yes, of course the long shield could also be the problem, but not the main cause. Also I wouldn't change the shield system here.

    Supercell should motivate more players to hunt trophies and improve their system. I'm with you that such long waiting times are not the best user experience.

    For example some players suggested to add more bases there by adding fictitious bases. This means that a player base will be copied and can be attacked again but the real player itself will only be attacked one time.

    So wait and let's hope that something will be done here.

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