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    Builder Base Clan Wars

    I used to play clash of clans a lot, but I rushed to townhall 8 and I was bored of the gameplay, so I stopped. Now I'm back two years later and I'm loving the builder base. There is signifigantly more strategy involved than the main base and is more enjoyable all together.

    My problem is that I'm playing the builder base avidly, but I have no desire to play the main base. This doesn't look very good on your resumè when your joining a new clan. So I keep getting invited to clans, than kicked, over and over.

    So what if we made it possible to contribute to clans through the builder base? The builder base has unique strategy and it would be fun to work with your clan to destroy the enemy.

    So what if there were clan wars in the builder base? They would work similarily to tournaments in clash royale, where you would have to be online at a certain time to battle your opponents.

    I think this feature would be very fun, what do you guys think?
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