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    BH4 Max trophy count the fix is in

    So is it just me or are others finding that at BH4 you might as well forget about getting more then 2400 trophies and stop getting pissed when you start getting close and then get fed BH5 after BH5 to get your count back down to the 2200 - 2300 due to what seems to be a biased system for picking opponents. My personal high was 2468 which I reached once and have not been able to come close to that again since reaching it about a week and a half ago. Its gotten to the point where i can predict when I will get fed BH5 after BH5 or a loss to a BH4 by anywhere from 2 - 3% just to get that trophy count back down again. Our leader has over 3000 but he's a pretty high level BH5. I'm just about a max BH4 but its kind of tough to win when you get matched up with BH5s with mortars and a hero? Come on supercell. really? You can't make the 3000 trophy achievement a reality for BH4s as well? I'm not an expert attacker or claim to be but when I watch my clan mates experience the same drop in trophy count as soon as they hit the mid to high 2300 mark, something isn't right...
    tags: hyundai hd700 dong vang, gia toyota fortuner 2017, xe hyundai 1.9 tan
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