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    Why is Dragon Lance a Strength/Agility Item?

    We see the more expensive component of this item (ogre club) is strength classified
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    First of all... how many strength heroes are ranged? Dragon Knight? Huskar?

    Keep in mind that most ranged heroes are also intelligence...

    Why not take the stout shield and its 50% chance to block 9 damage on ranged heroes and add to it a 50% chance to do an additional 9 damage output on basic attacks at the cost of mana...

    With the mana cost, the price of the shield would not have to be reworked....

    Maybe it would be interesting if there was a mini stun on this effect since we understand mana as "special" and only converting to raw damage seems contradictory

    This would help us in determining what to call this effect...

    Shield...... Crash?

    Why not Divine Shield Crash to associate it with mana specialization?

    Of course I am kidding here, but I demonstrate that I am thinking with the amusement....
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    The irony here would be in the fact that I was right in my previous thread which seemingly resulted the changes in 7.07 in regard to the confusion of "Armor Piercing" and "Pure Damage" on MKB as they are really just one and the same thing....

    But now Dragon Lance could actually be an Intelligence Classified Item by replacing Ogre Club with a Staff of Wizardry in Dragon Lance....

    Attack Range being extended on the intel class like its suppose to...

    Since the Intels are not suppose to be more durable with extended attack range... they are just suppose to support their role better

    Sniper creates a misunderstanding in the game because when we think of him we think that he so heavily fills the agility concept....

    As if "Aiming" is such an agile thing... but that is actually the deception here

    Remember that Sniper's Ultimate is a magic damage Nuke

    And that would be classified more as intelligence related concept

    And then we would finally ask why Hurricane Pike is Dominant agility and Submissive Intelligence
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    With even all 3 stat classes on it....
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