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    Pub game feeders and report issues

    I see such players even in AD (which i choose more than normal games)
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    In the last game i played a guy finished the game with 32 deaths in 44 minutes. He was even TP'ing to the closest heeadquarter to feed faster. And he did it all because another player in his lane got a few creeps when he didnt want him to do.
    i really for a while believed we could still win despite his feed. There was no way they could win if he didn't do this. But we lost and he made fun with all of us ( none of us knew each other in the team so there is not group psychology in this) and humiliated us
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    i know times that i got banned as one of the players in my team starts provoking me, others join him and i become the scapegoat and get 4 reports from my team mates as a result. At the end allthough i do my best to win the game i get a LP eventually. And this guy will may get the same punishment or even less.

    There are soo many players that get banned for only not playing well enough or players who are not good as a team player. And such players gets the same amount of ban as players like him. i think this is not just.

    i find these situations really unjust!
    (just wanted to tell because there may not be a solution to this but saying relieves me a little at least
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    There are many other things i can say about this matter. what you think?
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