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    Linkens Manta on a Medusa

    I just watched two games of F5 vs Escape Gaming (No Diggity) where Illidan (on F5), playing a Medusa went defensive builds with linkens/manta the first game and manta/skadi the next game. They lost both games, and I strongly feel that it had a lot to do with Illidan's item choices.

    In the first game, he went linkens as a first core item against a team with Slardar/Lone Druid/Timbersaw/Io/Undying.. I'm not sure what his reasoning was.. Slardar's amp damage is the only meaningful ability that it would help against, and that is on a 5 second cooldown compared to linken's 20 second cd.. If anything that alone should be a deterrent against a linkens even if they had a strong targeted lockdown..

    On top of this, he went Manta in two games against lineups with absolutely no silences whatsoever, or nothing else that needed to be dispelled.

    Wouldn't a far better item build be going phase aquila into either Yasha/Mask of Madness for farm speed and rush the skadi, followed by MKB or rapier or even a daedalus for damage? F5 lost almost all of their teamfights simply because the dusa did no damage for most of the game.

    I think dota item builds have evolved quite a bit since the old days of vanguard AM (before the changes to the item, by the way). This was probably the period when linkens manta was core on dusa. Nowadays, with the early aggression playstyle, wouldn't it be better just rushing a skadi (much like a slark) and a damage item to follow that up?

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