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    Dota 2 is the Overcorrection of the Mage vs Warrior Problem

    That's the overbearing impression that I get from it and I doubt that anyone will do anything about it because that has been a key aspect in defining the dota experience and generates the toxicity that it does as part of its entertainment factor.
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    So is anyone going to do the right thing and start to take steps in the right direction? They will say "if it aint broke then don't fix it" From a business point of view this is 100% accurate, but from a mere proportional balanced point of view it couldn't be further from the truth.

    There are 3 factors to the design that when grasped together, result in a trifecta of the resulting overcorrection.

    1.) The fast get faster, which means the more base movement speed you have, the faster you can be. And when looking at the speed chart of all heroes there is definitely no lack of strength heroes in the higher tier, while there is definitely no shortage of intelligence heroes in the lower tier. In terms of making intuitive sense, you would think that most of the intel heroes if not all of them would have an at or above average movement speed. The fastest of the fast heroes do happen to be intelligence, although minimal in quantity. Now... this could actually make more sense on a vision level to re-correct. That the greater base vision radius you have, the greater vision radius you can have, so that you can be more prepared to run from what I will call "tank ganks". This might be a way that dota can retain its uniqueness I suppose and do proper justice to the support role which is dominated by intelligence heroes, but as said, it isn't going to give the impression of making much sense when smaller/shorter intellegence heroes can't see as far, and bigger heavier tankier strength heroes can move faster.

    2.) Even if the prior was generally inaccurate, you still got block from shields only half as effective on ranged heroes to throw on top of that, and intel heroes are dominated by ranged heroes....

    3.) Most intel heroes being support and ranged means that they generally have less net worth as they do not farm as fast, they do not want to be in the jungle from risk of being Tank Ganked, and are not suppose to be getting last hits or kills because of the lack of carry classification.

    The problem as I see it with any company or business is the following 2 things.

    1.) Why can't you start taking steps in the right direction for proportional balance
    2.) Why can't you simultaneously take steps in the direction to retain your uniqueness and appeal

    Why can't you have both of the above aims for the sake of emphasizing moral or ethical values?
    Why remain stubborn on making the player feel like he is in a position of hopelessness? Is that really good for business and ethics or what?
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