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    Rethinking the Intelligence Class of Dota 2

    I truly believe that the intelligence stat for intelligence heroes needs to be reconsidered and reworked.
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    Take the item Blood Thorn for example

    It is an intelligence class item, but it is also an item that represents attack speed quite well.

    When you cast blood thorn on the enemy, it is all about your attack speed to get the most out of the dps, not damage perse.

    Wind Ranger is one of the greatest representatives of what the carry element of the intelligence class is all about, and she uses a nerfed damage maximum attack speed ability to carry out this effect.

    That is why blood thorn is such a confident item on her....

    So you have one of the greatest heroes of the intelligence class representing with attack speed

    And one of the greatest items of the intelligence class also representing with attack speed
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    With that said, why doesn't the intelligence stat for the intelligence class add attack speed rather then attack damage.

    Another question is, where is the defensive element for the intelligence class that comes with agility and strength heroes?

    Or should I say offensive element?

    What if the damage of intelligence on intelligence heroes was converted in to attack speed and what if they also added a chance to "mini bash" on attack, perhaps nerfed as usual for range heroes and we also know that most intels are ranged.

    but the key to this mini bash being legitimate would be in the effect of making it a small mana cost for every bash proc.

    This would seem to clarify the two way division of direction options of the intelligence class.

    maybe the damage from getting intel on intel heroes shouldn't be converted completely to attack speed as it might be too much like agility, but reducing the damage bonus to .5 and then adding an attack speed growth half of that of agility heroes might make the most sense.
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    I would say that strength heroes should get a small % of magic resist with their strength stat but magic damage drops off too hard for that...

    So maybe strength heroes should get a diminishing block chance and or amount of magic damage with additional strength.
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