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    Beitrag Welcome to Clansweb Community Forum!

    Welcome to the Clansweb Community Forum!

    We are very pleased to welcome you in Clansweb Community Forum and warmly to welcome you! This forum serves as a central exchange platform for all the problems, proposals and others to the platform Clansweb. Of course, the gamers have here also in game forums their own area for continuous exchange. Here you have the opportunity for new players to seek clans and exchange opinions with other like-minded people. Of course, in general forum is also the possibility to share various topics related to god and the world.

    To ensure a pleasant discussion as possible without any problems, we ask you before using the Community Forum to observe the following guide and to take note of. Please also comply with the rules for use of the forum.

    Important topics and information

    -> General Forum usage
    How does a forum work and take place? We recommend you to read the FAQ about the forum. Here all the basics will be explained once again in order to allow you a pleasant and quick start.

    -> Settings and User Profile
    You want to know how you set up your own signature or change settings of your user profile? Then find out here now more. But keep in mind that some forums are disabled, and through their own sites such as the profile page are replaced.

    -> Reading and Posting
    Before the discussion can begin, you should take a course, be aware of how you even can read the posts and create your own. These will be very extensively described in the above-linked site how you must proceed here.

    -> Search
    Don't know what to do and looking for help? Then searching here can be quite useful. Other like-minded people had surely seen the same problem and have already created to a topic about it. Presumably, your question / your problem is then already redundant.

    -> Important and useful topics with links
    You're looking for a particular topic or need help? Then just investigate the above-linked topic thereafter from and perhaps you will find the desired topic there. Otherwise, also the FAQ can be very helpful.

    -> Rules
    We expect that all forum participants behave friendly. Insults and spam are not allowed. The same applies to commercial advertising. Some sub forums have specific rules, please note this. If someone breaks these simple rules or you notice a post negative, you can easily let us know about it.

    -> Report Forum Posts
    You have seen an inappropriate topic and want to report it? Find out here how this works and what to do.

    -> Moderator Team
    Who is your first point of contact and with whom you can contact in case of problems? Here you will find an overview of all presenters with the area for which they are responsible.

    We invite you, to participate active in the forum life and also to give input in the form of tips, answers, questions or suggestions, etc. according to your possibilities. Also, we hope that you will enjoy the time being here in the forum and wish you much fun! Do gather some interesting discussions.

    If there are still more questions / problems you have at any time the opportunity to contact an administrator or moderator. We are always available for you.

    Best regards,
    your Clansweb Community Forum Team

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    Support the moderator team: reporting of forum posts

    Even if we - the Moderator Team - always try our best , we can focus on all posts never simultaneously. The community forum is just too big.

    If you see a post that violates the forum rules, please report it by clicking on the triangular danger symbol in the left corner of a forum post. For this you just have to proceed as follows (of course Philipp has nothing done wrong ):

    The reasons for reporting an post are the follows:

    • spam
    • advertising
    • immoral post
    • double posting
    • Topics in the wrong forum
    • violation of forum rules
    • inappropriate mode of expression

    Thank you for your support and also provides her for making the Clansweb community an even better place! We know the trouble really appreciate it and so it facilitates some us to work!

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    Ausrufezeichen Rules for the respective forum, Moderator Team

    Please note continues the applicable rules in the relevant part of the board. For the respective game forums different rules may apply, which can be identified in the respective rule topic.

    For the Clan looking for players Forum obtain special [Achtung] Postings-Regeln und Guidelines für das Suche-Forum rules, as well for Player looking for clan Forum which can be found here here [Achtung] Postings-Regeln und Guidelines für das -Spieler sucht Clan- Forum !.

    Note: This are German forums at the moment only. If you want to post your English topic, please use the English subforum English Playground.

    Moderator Team
    We place close to you before your first post to familiarize with these rules to avoid problems. For questions of course you are always welcome to contact the moderating team. Who belongs to this forum, can be seen below the topics overview of sub-forum:

    Otherwise here you can see an overview of all moderators / admins and their relevant areas.

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