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Thread: Discord Widget

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    Discord Widget

    I suspect I already know the answer as it competes with the communicator, sadly a lot of our users find it frustrating to use. Is there any chance of a Discord widget being made available?

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    I'm not sure if I follow you correctly but you want an option to use Discord directly at Clansweb like a shoutbox? So see chat messages and send messages? This is not possible at he moment here and I also think not in the near feature. You must use a Discord bot to get all the chat messages and also use the bot to send messages. So it wouldn't be directly possible if I understood it correctly.

    Official Discord widget
    There is an official Discord widget which can be used at Clansweb. Just copy the iframe code and use it here. It shows all your voice channels and online members with a link to join the server. Have you already tried this out?

    More informations about this widget can be found here.

    Chat widget
    I found another widget which shows some messages from your channel but writing messages like a Shoutbox is sadly not possible. This can be found here.

    The URL must be whitelisted to use it here.

    Finally a question about your members: What they don't like about the Communicator? Any suggestions or other reports? Maybe this can be included here.


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