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    How do I create a application form for people wanting to join the clan?

    I have clicked on the application and get a long list of clans already advertising but cannot see any option to create my own ad.
    Also how do I add the video widget to a page? It only seems to be able to be added to the welcome page.

    Thank you in advance
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    Hello TheOldGuy,

    first welcome here at Clansweb!

    1. Question: Application
    You can create a new application by opening the Manager at your clan page and going to the Advertisements (Recruitment -> Advertisements) section. Here you can create a new ad. You can choose the game of your clan, a nice description, your gaming type and of course the application type. Application type means whether a member can join by just clicking the join button or by sending an application to your clan, which must be accepted to join.

    You will see this ad in the Communicator in the section Search Clan Advertisements.

    You can also create a gadget at your Mosaic page to make it easer to find the ads of your clan. This gadget is called "Application". If an applicant clicks on this application gadget, the Communicator with your ads will be opened. You can test it out!

    2. Question: Video widget
    I think you just want to embed a YouTube video? This can be done at your welcome page, correct. Just use the video or HTML-Gadget there.
    But you can also add a youtube video for any other page which supports an text editor (e.g. Forum, HTML-Page, News etc.) and the app called YouTube. Where do you want to embed this video?

    I hope I could help you!


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    Thank you ever so much. I feel a right idiot now I seen how easy it is.

    Thanks again

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