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    Frage Looking for Information in the FAQ Module

    I am looking into the FAQ module and was hoping to find an guide for the FAQ.

    Overall the FAQ looks fairly simple but it says that it can be used for both FAQs and Tutorials. If that is the case I am hoping that it will support more than just the text I type but include formatting capabilities, as well as being able to insert images and links much like a news article.

    Is this possible or is the lack of toolbar in the editor an indication that there is no formatting capability in this module?

    Thanks for your assistance

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    Hello and welcome here at Clansweb!

    Any formatting for the FAQ is not possible at the moment (there are plans for the future to change this) but you can use other apps like Text & picture or the HTML-app and create a tutorial. You can also use anchors (jump to specific location in your document) and create a table of contents like the one from the FAQ app. I know it is a lot more work but maybe it's worth it at the end.

    If you have any further questions about this, don't hesitate to ask us. We are here to help you

    Much fun with your page!


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