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    GTA V has the worst traffic AI in the series

    No, seriously, V's NPC drivers are even worse than IV's ones. I remember those good old times playing VC and SA, that was perfect traffic. Everybody stops right behind you and can wait forever. Nobody tries to overtake you, to push you, omg, that f*cking Rage engine ruined the 'being the part of the city' gameplay. If you're not in a car and just stay and watch them, everything is cool. But when you're driving, it is like a nightmare. They hit you from every direction. The only two problems with traffic in IV were NPCs crashing into you from behind sometimes and pushing you over after 4-5 seconds staying behind you. I thought that IV's traffic AI is horrible, but V's one is THE WORST ever.

    P.S. This regards only those players who like to drive peacefully ometimes, following rules of the road, stopping at red light etc., i.e. being a part of the game world. I've always enjoyed it in VC and SA. But since IV, it is not possible anymore..

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