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    Road rage in GTA 5

    Ok so GTA V has been out for years, but I only accidentally discovered this now. I'm wondering if this is something everyone knows except me.. so anyway I'm throwing it out there... it's kind of minor though but anyways:

    - You can select your fists as "weapon" in a car, and when you aim and fire (like you would a driveby shooting), that makes your character flip the bird in a specific direction. Most pedestrians will say something and walk away, if you do it with gang members, they will eventually attack you.

    - You can honk aggressively behind cars. Some cars will ignore you, others will get intimidated and try to get out of the way, you can make them run red lights or try to pass cars waiting in front of them. Sometimes, but seems to happen most often with truck drivers, honking behind them will make them stop in front of you and they will get out to drag you out.. if you drive away they will angrily chase you.

    I tried it in GTA4 just to be sure, but there honking has no effect other than startling pedestrians, just like in all the previous games.
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