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    Guide: Build RS Anachronia Lodestone & More on Land Out of Time

    The big summer update the Land Out of Time has been released in game with various new contents. Here we will talk about how to get to Anachronia for the first time and build Anachronia lodestone and other structures at base camp.

    How can you get to the Land Out of Time?
    You need to use the ship built in the Breaking the Storm event called the Stormbreaker when travelling to RuneScape Anachronia for the first time. The boat can be found at the Varrock Dig Site. After seeing the cutscene, you will have to guide some NPCs including a Varrock Guard through the Anachronia island.
    You will be teleported to the Anachronia base camp after traversing through the Anachronia island for the first time. At the base camp there is a RuneScape Anachronia lodestone, which can be unlocked using materials.

    Build Anachronia lodestone & other structures
    RuneScape base camp can be built up with collected materials, including Wood, Vines, Leaves, Hide, Stone and Clay. These resources are gathered by 10 workers, and each worker assigned to a resource is able to gather 60 of that resource each hour. You could manage the base camp by speaking to Giles.
    By using these resources you can build up the following structures:
    Town Hall
    Sleeping Quarters
    Hunter Lodge
    Slayer Lodge
    Player Lodge
    Bank Chest
    If you want to build RuneScape Anachronia lodestone, you need to gather 150 Stones and 150 Clay. There are no other requirements to unlock the Anachronia lodestone.

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