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    I need an alternative to hoppers! My farms are too OP.

    Hey fellow minecrafters. I have a bedrock realm and for my players I wanted to make 7 automatic farms so dubs and dubs of produce were at their disposal to better enhance their gaming enjoyment. Mission accomplished I got 7 truly impressive automatic farms, Carrots, Potatos, Sugarcane, Melon, Pumpkin, Wheat and Beetroot. All running downward thru the same hopper tower to the sorting machine. This came with a large list of issue, guess bedrock cant handle farms on this magnitude. First the dropper shooting out the items from the hoppers wasnt fast enough so i changed it out for a hyper dropper circuit. This worked for a bit but like the original circuit ended up backing up the hopper chain. So I added 3 more hyper droppers to help move the items. This again worked for a bit but now the hoppers themselves cant keep up with the rates of 7 farms. Again i thought i solved the problem by making 7 individual hopper chains one for each farm. They kept up with farms this time but so many hoppers lags the server horribly. Tried Droppers on top tried Furnaces on top, the lag persists. I got the lag fixed now but i had to dismantle all hopper chains.
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    Ive done 3 days of research now and aside from water streams from each farm to each storage system im out of clever ideas. Yes i could down size the farms but then I wouldnt keep up with what i feel demand will be. So is there a clever idea to move, sort and store my items before i half production?
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