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    My thoughts on the "Heart of the Swarm ending"

    It seems that everyone is bitching about the "ending" to Heart of the Swarm. Anyways, it seems that the Zerg have gone good like the Horde, Kerrigan is redeemed, Mengsk gets what's coming to him for so long and a darker threat looms over the horizon...............

    People say that this is a bad move because it destroys the dark nature of Starcraft, in which everyone is out to kill someone else and the only good people, Raynor and Zeratul are pawns for someone else, in this case Mengsk and Kerrigan.

    However, I am inclined to disagree here, the ending itself is average, but that does not mean that it is a bad move IMO. I actually liked the ending of Wings of Liberty, it shows Raynor can actually do something right for once and not get deceived. My only problem here is that they went the route of Raynor and Kerrigan's love affair, which was only hinted in the first game.

    Another problem with your opinions on the so called ending to Heart of the Swarm is that the ending itself will kill the purpose of the game, to control the Zerg and form a force capable of standing up to the Dark Voice. Look at the TIME the ending was made, April 2009. It could be a rough draft or something that was removed. Hell, it could be a cutscene at the early stages of the game! No one knows how it will really end. In the ending Kerrigan herself stated that the Zerg is now beyond her control and it's up to them whether they destroy worlds or preserve life. Also it seems that she's a Zerg again. Perhaps the first few missions will have Kerrigan regaining her powers RPG style and leads up to a final showdown with Mengsk, perhaps she deserved what she got here. Perhaps the second half of the Zerg campaign will be more darker, and deal with the Dark Voice/Hybrids and Mengsk loyalists who are also struggling to control the Zerg, Blizz said that Kerrigan's goal in this game is to establish a Zerg empire capable of stopping the Dark One. Perhaps that will be the goal after Mengsk goes tits up. Perhaps with the Zerg free they will cause more harm then good and Kerrigan will have to control them. If this was the ending, then what Kerrigan says in the end kills the goal of the expansion.

    So yeah, this "ending" is overhyped, it could be in the first half of the expansion, or removed altogether if you consider the date it was made. Hell, after Mengsk dies it might as I said go dark again,and in the Protoss expansion get a really dark campaign and an reenactment of their "final battle" in Wings of Liberty(perhaps most of the Protoss race will be destroyed?).

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