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    Reboot the franchise? What direction would you go?

    Reading about the development of Starcraft reveals that major events like the fall of the Confederacy, the infestation of Kerry, the invasion of Aiur, Tassadar's sacrifice, etc were not originally planned but devised well into production. The backstory in the original manual seemed to have solidified before then and informed development. The status quo is that the zerg and protoss are fighting in koprulu with terrans caught in the middle.
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    Let's have a thought experiment. If you had to write the story of a new game using only the original manual as a basis, what would you have written?
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    Let's add some rules to keep things from getting stale: you cannot include Metzen's bizarre extraneous additions like Queen of Blades, UED, or the xel'naga. This is because Koprulu was deliberately cut off from Earth for a clean slate, the zerg build armies of monsters not individual mary sues, and the xel'naga are just a plot device to explain where the aliens came from. Adding those dilute the premise and, despite what some people might think, are not integral to Starcraft.
    more: giá chung cư sun láng hạ
    Obviously, I would have used Enumerate as my template so I have no further comment in that area.
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