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    Legacy of the Void Speculation Megathread!

    NOTE: Post spoilers too if Blizz reveals them!

    What are your speculation for Legacy of the Void?
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    I think there will be an epic final battle, we have the Dominion regrouping after the fall of Mengsk and we have Kerrigan gathering her forces to face the Dark One. I don't want to only play as Protoss in the final battle. I want to command all three races with a supply cap of 800(200 for each race) against an army of Hybrids. I also want control of some old SC1 units as a farewell to the current storyline, which is all set to be wrapped up given the looks of things in WoL and HoS. I want to see Dragoons on the battlefield once more, I want to see Firebats fighting alongside Marauders, I want to see Kerrigan's Leviathan guarded by Battlecruisers and Carriers or a Protoss mothership fighting alongside Mutalisks. Through sadly this will not really happen, the other races will be AI controlled, there will be no nostalgia, and the final battle will not be that triumphantly spectacular.
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    There should also be more missions than HoS, perhaps along the lines of WoL with 25-30 missions. Have some missions all based on your choices, and since it's about diplomacy and politics, have some Civilization-style gameplay in there too.
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    I have a hard time calling Kerrigan "good" even after this campaign. The Zerg are hardly choosing to be consciously good either, which was in the case of the new Horde where Thrall was teaching them his ideals. The Zerg are just doing whatever Kerrigan wants, I remember them questioning her decisions all the time but in the end they just throw up their hands (<3 Abathur) and say "hey, woah okay, you're the boss". Kerrigan was sending brood mothers to go fuck up whole planets on the regular, she slaughtered Protoss innocents, she was totally and wholly consumed by revenge. She's still ruthless, and though her humanity gives her an eye to see what she is doing, it does not stop her from doing it. latest ringtones and or popular ringtones
    And sure she's going to stop the big bad nasties from taking over the universe, but is it because she's superman now or because she doesn't want her universe taken over?
    I suppose I can see the similarities but I think "a total rehash of Thrall's shit in WC3" is a pretty inaccurate description of the HotS campaign. If she's analogous to anyone, it's Sylvanas.
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