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Alliance An alliance is a friendship between two clans. Alliances can serve multiple purposes: from solidary aspects up to striving for the possibility to compete as a joint team in large tournaments.

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Clan War

A clan war is the virtual competition between two clans. This can be a quick single event or carry itself over a long period of time, e.g. during tourneys or in online leagues.

Voice Chat

In addition to popular text based chats, voice chats have made their way into the gaming scene. The advantage? Easy – hands remain free for play and you can still quickly agree on the right tactics even in the most precarious situation during the game.

In addition to the widespread Skype, which is usually the first choice among smaller teams because of its easy handling, the gaming world has come up with server based voice solutions. They allow every participant to join and leave the chat comfortably at any time, without having to actually call anyone directly. The most common solutions are TeamSpeak, Mumble, Ventrilo and/or system integrated solutions, such as the Voice Chat System of Steam, Xbox LIVE or PlayStation 3. Numerous games even have their own Voice Chat nowadays. Many solutions are free, but some clans use the advantages of more configurable voice chats, which are available for a small fee.


Professional eSport players often call their computer hardware "equipment" or just "equip". While consoles often have standardized hardwares and can only be individualized through TV sizes or different gamepads, PCs have a much broader range of peripheral hardware to choose from. It ranges from transformable mouses and different optical cooling devices up to spray for your mousepad which reduces friction while playing.


They are the salt in the soup of every ambitious clan – the tourneys. During them, all kind of different teams and players get together to measure their forces or just have fun. Occasions are usually gaming events/conventions or the final rounds of large leagues. They can be either carried out online or at a central venue location. Depending on the kind of Event, hardware is sometimes being provided for. In addition to fame and fortune, winning teams can often pocket special prices for their wins.


The clan admin is the member of a clan who has been entrusted by the clan creator with administration, coordination and/or management of the clan infrastructure and/ or technical issues. This includes parts of the website or a specific server. Admins usually have more rights than normal clan members in the areas they are responsible for. They can for example delete or move threads in forums, limit access to certain areas or are able to manage server settings.


This is what the multiplayer mode of a game is called. Nowadays this applies mostly to online modes. Though some games, usually found for consoles, are also supporting simultaneous play of multiple players on a single device.


This term describes collective gaming under competition conditions. In addition to widespread competitive multiplayer gaming, a culture of cooperative gaming has evolved thanks to the rise of online role playing games such as World of Warcraft. In them, a clan does not fight other teams of human opponents but challenges the computer and its AI against end bosses, narrow time limits or limited resources. eSport has established itself in countless larger online leagues. It's celebrated in prestigious tournaments, which oftentimes reward enormous price money to the winners. The "sport" part in the name reflects the spirit, because without fair play there would be no exciting competition.

Pro Gaming

The Pro-Gaming is sort of the tip of the huge iceberg known as eSport. The distinctive feature if one "plays eSport" or as a "pro gamer" is the income. Pro gamers earn parts of their livelihood from their activities as a gamer, some few don't even need an additional income at all. The possibilities of making a living from gaming range from prize money from tourney placements over sponsoring contracts to earnings through franchise products, which are decorated with the (nick-) name of the pro gamer. Sponsoring used to be a rare exception and was seen as a huge success for any clans. Due to the acceptance and popularity of eSports, sponsoring deals have become more common. Nowadays, even well organized smaller clans have the chance to find a sponsor who supports them.